i_like_poop (i_like_poop) wrote in mobster01,

Ciao tutti!

Eh, I do not know if this is significant to you all, but I live in Napoli, which is home of the mafia. I see their homes, fancy cars, nice suits, I've seen their work. It's pretty interesting. Driving by you'll find a man in a suit with a gun. Or a man walking along the side of the road in a really nice suit. Guys in restaurants I go to, with the famous fedora look. It's all real. Driving home from Caserta one day, I saw a dead man outside a set of steps, covered with blood. It had "mafia" written all over it.

But there are some good things about the mafia. They do offer protection to the people. Many of the landlords are mafia. If you have a problem in you neighborhood, you tell them and it's fixed the next day. It's really interesting. It's almost our underground form of govn't here in Italia. If anyone wants to know more, I won't tell you because I'll be dead the next day! LOL! Just joking... arrivederci! ^.^
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