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Ciao tutti! [25 Oct 2005|10:50pm]

Eh, I do not know if this is significant to you all, but I live in Napoli, which is home of the mafia. I see their homes, fancy cars, nice suits, I've seen their work. It's pretty interesting. Driving by you'll find a man in a suit with a gun. Or a man walking along the side of the road in a really nice suit. Guys in restaurants I go to, with the famous fedora look. It's all real. Driving home from Caserta one day, I saw a dead man outside a set of steps, covered with blood. It had "mafia" written all over it.

But there are some good things about the mafia. They do offer protection to the people. Many of the landlords are mafia. If you have a problem in you neighborhood, you tell them and it's fixed the next day. It's really interesting. It's almost our underground form of govn't here in Italia. If anyone wants to know more, I won't tell you because I'll be dead the next day! LOL! Just joking... arrivederci! ^.^
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[19 Feb 2005|08:37pm]


Don't know if there's anyone still around here, but just figured out this whole Livejournal thing and am having a nose round, well hello!
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MARLON BRANDO [05 Jul 2004|12:20pm]

[ mood | sad ]


our godfather Marlon Brando is here no longer... he died a few days ago at the age of 80... WE LOVE YOU BRANDO!!! THE REAL GODFATHER



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Found this picture. [02 Jul 2004|12:16am]

I find this picture really interesting.. see that second face in? Doesn't look right does it.

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Long Time Associate [29 Jun 2004|01:56am]

[ mood | good ]

Just wanted to give a little introduction.

Alright, so I haven't read cases upon cases about the mob nor do I memorize stats of these gangsters. However, I have long admired the whole idea of organized crime for a long time, just never really got around to fully diving into it. It's always been fascinating, yet, I keep my distance for a few reasons I don't think I really need to get into. Still, I find this a great community to be in 1) because I actually do want to learn more about the mob and I think definite interection and heavy submersion will get that going and 2) people with this same interest are always nice to be around. So, I don't necessarily consider myself a hardcore mafioso like I think some of you are, but more of an associate who is very friendly with the wiseguys.

I've always loved the movies, the style of things, and of course, that code of silence. Anyway, just wanted to give a kudos to the community.

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wow wow wow... [18 Jun 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hello everyone again; it's getting crowded here :) good job for me :) wellcome fellas; and dont forget to visit our website http//hpapila.sitemynet.com  ... you'll enjoy it... I have university exam sunday so ı am excited...ı have to pass it... by the way is there a new mafia movie? does anyone know anything??

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mafioso lingo [21 May 2004|11:59pm]

administration: the upper echelons of the Family, composed of the boss, underboss, and consigliere.
associate: someone who is closely involved with the wiseguys, but is not a member of the family.
B&E: breaking and entering.
babania: Heroin. The dealing of drugs has long been frowned upon by the Mafia, as long prison sentences often meant there would be a chance the ones who were apprehended for the crime could cut a deal with the prosecution, and betray the Family.
babbo: an idiot, a weaker minded individual.
bag man: the one who carries the money.
banana race: a fixed horse race.
beef: a disagreement within the organization, resulting in a sit-down meeting between high-ranking family members for resolution of the issue.
big earner: someone who generates an impressive amount of money for the Family.
biscuit: a gun.
books, the: euphemism for keeping tabs on membership in the Family. Nothing is actually written down, but "admissions", "promotions", and "retirements" are duly noted, in "the books".
borgata: an organized crime Family
boss: The head of the Family;
break an egg: to murder
broken: demoted in rank.
brugad: a crime Family
burn: to murder
bust out: to make someone go bankrupt.
button: a "made" member of the Mafia, a.k.a. goodfella, wiseguy, soldier etc.
booster: small time thief.
cafone: a blundering individual who embarrasses himself and others by putting his
foot in his mouth, or behaving in a tactless manner.
can, the: prison
canary: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
capo: high ranking Family member who heads a crew of soldiers.
Capo di tutti capi: the boss of all bosses
case, to: to check out a location prior to committing a crime.
chased: the rare occasion when someone is banished from the Mafia without being whacked.
clean (adj.): no carrying a weapon.
cleaning: taking the necessary precautions to avoid being followed while moving around.
clip: to murder, or to take money from.
clock: to keep tabs on someone's activities, comings and goings, etc.
comare: the mistress of a Mafioso.
come in: To go see the boss when summoned. Usage:
Commission, The: the "official" name of the Mafia. A National Crime Syndicate, comprised of the bosses of all the Families. It was set up by Charles, Lucky Luciano in 1931 to end the reign of the Mustache Petes.
compare: Italian for "Godfather", used here to designate a close friend.
connected: an associate of the Family.
consigliere: the counselor, or advisor of the crime Family. Often the diplomat who settles the arguments.
contract: a murder contract.
cop: to steal.
Cosa Nostra: Italian for "this thing of ours," or "our thing," often used as a synonym for the Mafia.
crew: a group of mafia soldiers that takes orders from the capo.
cugine: a young thug who is trying to impress the Family so he can become a made man.
do a piece of work: to murder someone.
Don: The head of the family. he is the only one who grants permission to whack or make someone, and he profits from all Family operations.
earner: someone who makes money for the Family.
empty suit: someone who likes to hang around mobsters, but does not have any special talents to offer the Family.
enforcer: the person who enforces mob law, threatens to bust kneecaps, etc.
envelope: a cash payment.
fence: someone with worldwide outlets to liquidate illicit goods.
finger, to: to rat out someone, or mark for murder.
friend of mine: expression used when vouching for someone.
Fugazi: counterfeit.
Gaff: a phoney
gavone: a blundering individual who embarrasses himself and others by putting his foot in his mouth, or behaving in a tactless manner.
get a place ready: To find a spot to dispose of a dead body.
gift: a bribe, sometimes offered to a juror, as rumored to have been the case during two Gambino Family trials. Once the rumor was out, the trials ended in hung juries.
give a pass: to spare someone from being whacked.
going: about to be whacked.
going away to college: going to jail.
going south: stealing, passing money under the table, acting irrationally.
Goodfella: a "made" member of the Mafia, a.k.a. button, wiseguy, soldier etc.
goombah, goomba, gumba: Sicilian slang for the Italian compare.
goumada: see comare.
hack: a prison guard.
half a hard-on with a suitcase: female mob lawyer
hard-on with a suitcase: male mob lawyer.
headcrusher: an enforcer.
headhunter: hit man
heat: unwanted attention from law enforcement.
hit: murder
hit man: paid assassin
hit the mattress, to: to go into hiding."
The Honored Society: The Sicilian Mafia
hot items: stolen goods.
hot place: a location suspected of being under close surveillance by law enforcement personnel.
ice: to murder
joint, the: jail, prison.
juice: loan shark interest.
leg breaker: an enforcer.
loan shark: someone who loans mob money at high interest rates.
made: to be sworn into La Cosa Nostra; synonyms: to be "straightened out," to get your button.
Man of Respect: Title given to a made guy.
make a marriage: the union of two separate parties over the resolution of Family issues.
mattresses, hitting the, taking to the: going to war with a rival Family
meat eater: a corrupt cop.
mechanic: a fixer, the one who rigs gambling tables and dice.
Meets, the: an organized crime meeting, or conference.
Mustache Petes: Old school Mafiosi.
nut, the: "the bottom line", also meaning the gross profit figure.
Omertà: the code of silence and one of the most important vows taken when being
sworn into the Family.
on the arm: on credit.
off the record: an action taken without the consent of the Family.
on the record: an action taken with the consent of the Family.
piece: a gun.
pinched: arrested.
pen, the: penitentiary, prison.
pop: to murder
problem: a liability, someone who most likely will be whacked.
put to sleep: to murder.
queer: counterfeit
rat: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
Right Arm: Underboss
score: the take from a robbery.
shiv: a knife.
shylock: someone who loans mob money at high interest rates. Name taken from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.
sit-down: a meeting with the Family administration to settle disputes.
skim: Tax-free gambling profits, as in profits hidden from the IRS.
skipper: capo.
snitch: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
stand-up guy: someone who will not violate the Omertà, no matter what the deal offered, pressure, or threat.
stool pigeon: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
squealer: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
swag: illicit, or stolen goods.
take, the: the score.
Uncle Sugar: the FBI
vig: the interest on a loan from a loan shark.
vouch for: to guarantee with your own life the reputation of an individual you are about to introduce to the Family.
walk talk, take a walk: to hold a conversation while walking around the block in order to avoid the possibility of being recorded through planted listening devices.
whack: to murder
yellow dog: someone who violates the Omertà, an informant.
Young Turks: New school generation of Mafiosi.
Zips: American Mafiosi's derogatory slang term for Sicilian Mafiosi.
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WELLCOME FELLAS [21 May 2004|11:51pm]


hello everyone wellcome to "le cosa nostra" ... wellcome to the world of underground...

you can talk anything about mafia just here, in this journal... you can talk about The Godfather, The Goodfellas, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Corleone family, The Sopranos, Frank Costello... anything about mafia...

have great fun...

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